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You make the impossible possible

We pursue the vision of a textile industry where high quality products are produced locally without harming people and nature. We have made it our mission to provide nature lovers with a truly sustainable clothing alternative and to provide our Swiss production partners with a valuable, fulfilling work.

We make the impossible possible. Are you in?

radikal SWISS MADE

Producing high-quality outdoor clothing in Switzerland is impossible, according to industry insiders.

We do it anyway. 

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Sewn and taped in Switzerland  

All our products are made in Switzerland without exception.

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Knitted and woven in Switzerland

Wherever possible, we use Swiss-made fabrics in our products.

- Organic Merino Series (Women / Men)

- Organic Cotton Series  (Women / Men)

- Insulation 120 Jacket  (Women / Men)

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Wool from Switzerland

We use wool from Switzerland for our Bündner Wolle Series and the Swiss Merino beanie.

- Bündner Wolle Series  (Women / Men)

- Swiss Merino Beanie  (Women / Men)

radikal MINIMAL

We don't ask ourselves what else you need, but rather what you don't need.

And we leave that away.

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Reduced to the essential

We offer timeless and multifunctional products that SIMPLY work.

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Protecting people, animals & environment

The global textile industry is a dirty business. We leave the dirt away.

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Direct and efficient structures

Fair prices thanks to lean structures, reduced marketing and direct sales.

- Showrooms

Outdoor clothing

What we offer you:

High-quality, functional and clever products that offer you exactly what you effectively need: reliable, long-lasting protection from the elements and optimal climate comfort.

The certainty that your clothing will not harm what you love most - nature and the people and animals around you.

The opportunity to preserve important jobs and know-how in Switzerland and to drive a system change towards a sustainable economy.

What we don't offer you:

Maximum performance at the expense of nature. We do not use harmful chemicals and materials in our products.

The lowest price at the expense of people, animals and the environment. All our products are made in Switzerland, if possible we also use regional materials.

The latest fashion trend. We focus on clean and timeless design and aesthetic longevity.

A specific product for each and every activity. We strive to develop multifunctional products that accompany you in all your outdoor activities as well as in everyday life.


Your contact persons

Michael, Sales & Customer Service

With his Grisons charm and his calm, relaxed attitude, Michael is the perfect contact person for our customers with questions, problems or feedback. Shipping and logistics are also coordinated by him.


Julia, Marketing & Communication

Julia is the brand strategist in the team. Stories about sustainability and local production are her passion, and she shares all the exciting news with you. She is eager to find out what you think and feel, so that we can continue to develop ROTAUF together with you.


Jessica, Product & Procurement

From development to the finished product, our textile expert and product specialist Jessica is in the lead. Cut, material and manufacturing are optimized by her. Jessica loves the hectic, but always keeps track and a cool head.


Silvana, Design

Whenever it has to look nice Silvana comes into action. Whether it's the design of our products, the layout of our showrooms or the greening of our office, the handwriting of the product designer is visible.

Peter, Managing Director

Peter is pulling the strings in the day-to-day business and taking care of the strategy and further development of ROTAUF. He ensures minimal impact on people, animals and the environment.


ROTAUF in the Media

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