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Free shipping

Take advantage of our free delivery service. Once your order is received and checked by us, the product will be packed and handed over to the delivery company. After the shipment you will receive an email with your order details. Please note that a P.O. Box delivery is not possible. However, you can have your product delivered to another address (for example, at work). Just click on the option "Delivery to another address" when you enter your account details. Shipping to Switzerland only: 2-3 days.

Try @ home

Simply check and test the products you have ordered at home. You have two weeks before your final purchase decision.
If the product does not meet your expectations, we will take it back and refund 100% of the purchase price. Returns are of course free of postage.
Please note that we cannot take back the product if it has been damaged in any way or shows signs of use. The same applies to the product that is not returned complete.
For returns and refunds please contact us at the following email address: info@rotauf.ch

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2 years warranty

We emphasize our commitment to quality with a 2-year warranty on all our ROTAUF products. We hope you continue to enjoy our high quality, intricate designs and carefully engineered products. However, should you find a defect, simply contact us at: info@rotauf.ch 


The correct care is key so that our products can give you pleasure for as long as possible. Since we completely forgo harmful chemicals in the manufacture of our products - some of which are also used to make care easier - our products require very special attention when it comes to care. How this works and what you have to pay attention to, you will learn here:

- Waterproof Series

- Insulation Series

- Merino Series

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Who does not know it? A short carelessness at the campfire or with the crampons and the pants have a small hole. In such cases, a piece of duct tape can often provide quick relief. If you like it a bit neater, we can recommend the Repair Patches from Tear Aid. They can be used to patch almost anything. If you want your favorite piece to look like new again, we offer a repair service. If you would like to use this service, send us a short message, preferably with a photo of the problem, and we will look at the costs and the further procedure together with you and our repair partner: info@rotauf.ch

Spare Parts

We have most of the spare parts for our products in stock in Chur. If something needs to be replaced on your product, send us a short message and the part will come to you quickly: info@rotauf.ch or 081 511 23 27.

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